Save/restore Shapediver parameters


Is it possible to somehow open a Shapediver model with specific parameters and/or share the parameters? Like saving and sharing parameters of the SD model?

Person 1 opens SD model first time, adjusts parameters and closes models. Person 1 opens the said model on the next day and would like to continue from where Person 1 left off last time.

Person 1 is satisfied with his work on the SD model and wants Person 2 to view it and be impressed of his skills by giving Person 2 a link to the current model.

It’s a good question, because the feature you are mentioning is very specific to the platform and not to models that have been embedded in a third-party application using the API. From the start, we had envisioned the platform mostly as a tool for designers and web developers to build their own applications, and not as the end goal of the users.

As it happens, it seems that more and more users are find with managing and sharing their models directly from the ShapeDiver platform, which encourages us to re-evaluate several features that were put on hold or even scraped. Sharing models with custom parameters is one of those features which will likely be implemented after all, even though it is a feature which can easily be reproduced by a third-party using the API. It will likely be done almost transparently by updating the model URL with each parameter change, such that if User 1 shares the URL of the model he is working on with User 2, the parameters will be encoded in the URL and seen by User 2 when opening the model.

As for a schedule, since we are currently re-evaluating several such features there is no deadline yet, but it is realistic to talk about a few weeks.

I would like to express my interest in this feature as well.

For e-commerce solutions, it would be important to be able to save an order of a custom product (with specific parameters) and (re-)load it later on for (re-)purchasing or whatever other reason.

Also, I think it would be really helpful to have a feature list where the developers can “vote” their priority features. We all understand that some features are critical for the platform and are part of SD’s strategy…but some features are also important for developers to be able to monetize the investment they are making in the platform…and if some feature is relatively easy to implement and at the same time a priority for the developers, then they could become a priority for the SD team as well. I think a little “feature poll” would help the SD team gain that visibility.

Thank you again for your great work.

Best Regards,

Andre Philippi

Thanks for the suggestion. We are already working on ways to involve users more in feature development and give more visibility on the roadmap. Make sure you get the newsletter and follow the blog.