Parameter local save and upload example

Hi Guys,

I’m a real beginner/hack when it comes to Javascript but managed to put together a couple of functions using the SD Couch demo to save a text file locally with all the current paramaters and also upload the same file back. Giving users the ability to return to a design in the same state as when they saved it.

I need this for my own use once I get a Pro SD account - but I’d thought I’d share here in case anyone else might need this in the future.

HTML and JS files in the ZIP file + FileSaver.js which is needed.

SD download_upload (4.3 KB)

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Also a note to the Shapediver team - the demo/examples and the documentation is in varying states - I ran into issues with demos using older API versions etc.

Could be worth cleaning this up - would have saved me a few hours…



Thanks for sharing your script, that should be useful to many ShapeDiver users. We will have a way to save and load states out of the box in the future but it will take a while.

Regarding the API documentation, it would also help us if you could point to the specific broken examples or pages so we can update them faster.

I will do just that for you Mathieu, notes are in my office, I’ll send thru a message in the morning.

Thanks again guys for your awesome product, I’m firing up my Pro account this week.



You can check out this in action on my project here:

@Mathieu I will get back to you as soon as I get a chance - there is a format difference in the returned object between the version of the API I used for the original and this production project - which took me bit of work to track down.