BUG: V6.0.14350.5541 doesn't save!

As in the subject I can’t get to save a file with a name that already exist but with different extension!.

Rhino V6.0.14350.5541, 12/16/2014


I can’t repeat this, but I am in the process of tracking down another strange save problem in the latest code. Maybe they are related. Can you describe exactly what you are doing? To try to repeat your problem, I made a line, saved as line.stp, then saved as line.3dm. There was no problem.


Look like the problem it’s with gh.
I can’t save the file if I already have the same file name saved as .gh
I get to save the file with different filename.
Does this help?

Yes, thanks. Not related to what I am looking at, so someone else will have to dig in. @jonm @DavidRutten ?

What if you put a .txt file with the same name and try saving again? That should tell us whether it’s a GH problem or a Rhino problem.

I’ve tried many different combination, but I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug anymore.
I’ll pay more attention next time, and I let you know.
Marry Christmas.

I’m here again.
The latest version (6.0.17255.11421, 12/09/2017) doesn’t save anything (save, save as with new name, exoprt).
If I put a newer name or the file doesn’t exist in the folder nothing would be saved.

If the file already exist the save process works fine.

Anyone can help me?

Hi skysurfer - are you still seeing this? How are you running Save? From the menus, toolbars, command line?


Hi Pascal,
yes I’m still getting the problem.
Could be possible that there’s some weird interaction with the dropbox app?!?
Looks like is working right on normal folder but I still getting this on the DB folder.
The saving process, in db folder, also takes very very long, like 30sec on a SSD disk for 30MB :roll_eyes:

I’m investigate it more…

Just to check: the file is actually the revised version, not just the original version untouched by the save operation?

If I understood your question…
The save doesn’t do anything. Normally I go into the Explorer windows, I copy another file (or creating a new empty txt file), renaming it as 3dm and, then, back to rhino I overwrite it with my model.

The proof on this post:


I see that you were quicker than me to identify the problem with Dropbox! So there are 2 open topics …

Have a good day !