Saran Wrap - Airtight Drape

Hello Team Rhino,

I’m working on a 10 hectare masterplan and printing 3d models of it. I’ve been modeling in revit and exporting to rhino for clean up and details.

Is there a command like drape, that essentially can be drawn on top of a topo surface and buildings which creates a shell or wrap around all the 3d elements which it’s dropped over?

This would be ideal and allows me to skip a few steps in my 3D print file production.

(image deleted)

see masterplan image which I would like to drop a shell over.

Hi Gill

I think any sort of drap/wrap will create soft edges,
Why not use a boolean union on all objects to get a single solid model of all geometry?

And if you want a mesh out of that just finally (after you have done as @Willem suggests) extract the render mesh with _ExtractRenderMesh.

Thanks @willem and @nathanletwory. The drape tool is too soft for a 3d print. I ended up meshes everything together for a single solid model. Took a good bit of time, but was worth it.