Sant Ivo Dome - Twisted top tower in Rhino or Grasshopper

Hi everyone,
I am currently working on the church of Sant Ivo Alla Sapienza in Rome. I am stuck with making the top of the tower, which is a twisted surface. Is there anyone who has time to help me out here. The level of detail is not very important. The whole idea is to analyse the daylight in the building, which is based on a significant level of architecture :slight_smile:

Thank you

sant’ivo alla sapienza Rhino.3dm (2.0 MB)

Create each upper, twisted level separately, working from the lowest to highest.It looks like the individual levels are similar shapes so you may be able to first create the lowest level oriented parallel to the coordinate axis. Then create the other levels by copying the lowest level and use BoxEdit or ScaleNU to reduce the size. Use Rotate on each level to rotate to the correct orientation.

Or spend time to develop a Grasshopper model. For a single model with fixed dimensions my guess is direct modeling in Rhino would be faster.

Hello - I’m not sure how specific your question is but to get that basic spiral shape, a spiral curve extruded down should do it.