Sample models - where to find it

As far as I know - there should be a library included with Rhino 5 License called "Sample Models, and include models for use. But unfortunately I can’t find it. Do you, please, know how and where should I find it? The one which I need now is "Human Head.3dm"

You can do a search in the C: disk.

Of course this is the first thing that I tried, but It didn’t find it

As far as I know, Rhino does not ship with sample models… You have to download the training manuals Level 1 and 2… But there is no Human Head model in them that I can find, that looks like it’s an old, old thing, I have two in my archives from Rhino 1.0-2.0 - attached…

Human Head.3dm (254.4 KB)
Human Head 2.3dm (89.0 KB)

Well, we admit that Rhino really isn’t the greatest tool for modeling human heads, but for quite some time, that was the first thing new users would ask - “I have never used a 3-D modeling program before. How do I make a human head with Rhino?” We don’t want to encourage that kind of thing. :slight_smile: :wink:

Thank you all very much, and specially for Helvetosaur for the files.
The file is perfect.
I needed it as a base for glasses design.
Thank you very much