Sample models - where to find it


As far as I know - there should be a library included with Rhino 5 License called "Sample Models, and include models for use. But unfortunately I can’t find it. Do you, please, know how and where should I find it? The one which I need now is "Human Head.3dm"


You can do a search in the C: disk.


Of course this is the first thing that I tried, but It didn’t find it


As far as I know, Rhino does not ship with sample models… You have to download the training manuals Level 1 and 2… But there is no Human Head model in them that I can find, that looks like it’s an old, old thing, I have two in my archives from Rhino 1.0-2.0 - attached…

Human Head.3dm (254.4 KB)
Human Head 2.3dm (89.0 KB)

(Margaret Becker) #5

Well, we admit that Rhino really isn’t the greatest tool for modeling human heads, but for quite some time, that was the first thing new users would ask - “I have never used a 3-D modeling program before. How do I make a human head with Rhino?” We don’t want to encourage that kind of thing. :slight_smile: :wink:


Thank you all very much, and specially for Helvetosaur for the files.
The file is perfect.
I needed it as a base for glasses design.
Thank you very much