Sample Files page - 404

Hi everyone, new here and trying to get up and running with Rhino inside. I notice several of the links from the RI homepage 404, including the sample files download location. Is there an alternate place where I can download them?


We have been working on a completely new website. Give this a look. Many of the tutorials are under Samples:

If there is something you cannot find, perhaps I can point you in the correct direction.

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Thanks for the quick reply Scott, for example, these 2 pages 404 for me:

Even if I right click > save as the links they fail. Just trying to d/l all the sample files.

Try this:

Is that the correct one?

That’s the correct video, yes. If I click the hyperlinked sample files I get a 404 page.

Yes, Samples links are a mess. Take a look in here:

We are working to get this new site cleaned up as best we can over the next few days. Not only is the product a WIP, but so is the website tech we are using.

Ah ok, no sweat. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Thought I was losing it…

The new website seems to be running now. Please check it at at:


Thanks Scott, first pass through everything looks good, all the hyperlinks actually download the sample files now.

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