RunPythonScript doesn't exist

I’m taking a class on Kadenze called "Computing Form and Shape: Python Programming with the Rhinoscript Library"
I’m running Rhino 5.3.2 in evaluation mode and the RunPythonScript command isn’t available. I looked in ~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros and there is no MacPlugIns folder. From what I’ve read in other threads, Python support should automatically be installed. Is it only available in the licensed version?

If you evaluation is expired, the Rhino Python plugin will not load and RunPythonScript will not work.

If you have a commercial or student license of Rhino for Mac, you can start with guides here:

Thanks for the clarification. We have a commercial license for the Windows version and I’ve been able to run that under Parallels.

At the moment, you need a separate license for each “product” (one for Rhino for Mac; one for Rhino for Windows). We hope to change this in the future.

It would be great to be able to share our license between a Windows machine and a Mac, so that’s good news.

When I originally installed Rhino on my Mac last year it was to be able to view DXF files that our software creates. Is there any possibility of resetting the evaluation period now that I’m taking this class and need to run Python scripts?