Running scripts from latest version of PythonPlugin installed from RHI

Following the instructions, , when I repeat the process, updating the version string from “” to “” in and installing from the new RHI, in the relevant PythonPlugins\PluginName (UUID) folder is a folder for each version:

However, when I start Rhino and run the script commands, the scripts in execute.

Besides not changing the version string with each update, or deleting all but the latest folder after each installation, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the latest scripts to execute?

Thank you,

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+1. I’m running into the same problem.

+1 more, having the some problem and no solution yet!

@stevebaer, can you look into this?

– Dale

any updates on this topic? thanks!

sad to see that this bug isn’t addressed! @stevebaer