Enabling Python Script Menu Option

I have a series of Rhinoscripts that I’d like to try to migrate over to Python and run on Rhino for Mac. I installed the 10-14 WIP build, which I understand has Python support included. I’m running on Yosemite.

Is there a trick to enabling the Python Script option so that it appears in the Tools menu? I’m having a feeling I’m missing something completely obvious, but I can’t seem to figure out what that might be.

If you’re looking for a script editor, it isn’t there - yet… You can only run Python scripts with the RunPythonScript command… Use the -dash version to create aliases/macros.

So if you still have access to Windows, you should edit/test the Python scripts there, then transfer.


Your scripts go here.

And like Mitch said. There is not built-in Python editor. Use editor of your choice and save scripts to this folder and they will show up when you run the _RunPythonScript command.

You can customize your tool palettes to create a button that runs the PythonScript command, but that is for another search in this discourse forum.

My Python button is in bottom right.

IHTH … Randy

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I think I’ll do the migration to Python on the Windows side and then bring them over to run on the Mac after I get them working.