Rubble cuboid

Hey guys it’s Benoit,

It’s a new account, but I used to be here before the migration (i.e. I modelled the spore lamp by Matsys and even shared the file with the others).

I need to model a cuboid, which would represent rubble, as shown in the attached file. Anyone knows how to model this sort of stuff quickly in Rhino or Grasshopper? I want to introduce this rendered pile of rubble in a photo of Le Havre. I can get by with the rendereing but somehow I have no idea how to model this form…

I know I could experiment a little bit, but … I have an essay deadline tomorrow, I am late with everything and pretty f*ucked, TBH…

So if anyone would be willing to give me a hand… I’d be extremely grateful.




what I wanna obtain…:

Looks like voxels with some kind of perlin noise culling maybe?

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I’d just add a mesh and add displacement texture. Vector displacement map would even be better, but that isn’t supported.

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or use photoshop :grimacing:


Hah, yeah I thought about that as well, but tbh it’s not the very best solution. Would like it to look reasonalbly sharp

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