RTX 3090 is better than Quadro A6000?

Nvidia has these two top of the line cards. I think that 24GB of VRAM on the 3090 is plenty and the 48GB on the Quadro is overkill for me. But here is why I am confused spec-wise:
Both have same amount of CUDA cores
A6000 has much more Tensor cores
3090 has much more RT cores

So, with the latest version of V-Ray, which card will be better? Aside from the CUDA Cores, the specs are very different and the Quadro costs much more. (Only clear advantage is that is could be stacked as it is only 2-slot width and a blower card. Nvidia discontinued all 3090 blower cards because they’re dicks)

Uh right today the better one is the one you can actually get your hands on.


afaik, the 3090 has 82 RT-cores and 328 tensor cores, the A6000 has 84 RT-cores and 336 tensor cores. they both use the same piece of silicon, the 3090 is just very slightly cut down (some units deactivated). for rendering with engines like vray or cycles, what matters most are RT cores.
the difference in terms of RT core count is soo minimal that it won’t justify paying more for the A6000. getting a 3090 with a big and good cooler would be an advantage over the A6000, which usually comes with a blower style cooler. not sure but I think the A6000 would be more suitable if you do scientific calculations, ai and other stuff - probably it has those capabilities activated/allowed via driver.

actually getting one would be the bigger issue.