Rotational Analysis For Brick Facade

Hi Guys,

This may be extremely simple, or not, but i’m relatively new to the software and i’m looking for some advice on how to approach this. What I want to do is color each brick in the wall in accordance to their angle of rotation (max angle is 45 degrees).

Ive done things like gradient height analysis before, but this is a bit different.

Attach files always

Brick Study (471.4 KB)

Thanks for the advice Michael. Here’s the script.

You forgot to internalise your base surface!

Damn…Okay, lets try this again

Brick Study (472.4 KB)

Is this colourful beast what you are looking for?

Brick Study (242.9 KB)

If you want to bake the objects with colour, as shown by P1r4t3b0y, Human and FabTools have some components that allow you to bake objects with colour attributes.

Wow, thats amazing P1r4t3b0y. Definitely helped me understand the necessary steps. Thank you too Adam, I’ll look into these resources for sure.

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