Rotating a curve based on surface elevation

Hello, I’m sure it’s a simple process but I can’t seem to figure out how to rotate the beams (red lines shown in the sketch drawing) to meet the water surface (line shown in black) and maintain the same length.

Thanks in advance!

This is a snapshot from the model, at the moment the lines I have go past the waterline surface, and I want the angle of rotation of the ‘beams’ to be driven by the water surface where the end of the lines lay on the same plane

It seems you want to ‘trim’ the lines to the plane of the water? You can intersect a line with the surface of the water or intersect the line with the plane of that surface - use the parameter found from that intersection to split the line. Anyway, it’s probably better to share a sample file :slight_smile:

Thanks Rene, I just managed to figure it out, my brain was foggy for a bit, but I landed on the same solution you suggested!

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I always get a laugh from threads that start like that. :rofl:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I always get a laugh from this reply :stuck_out_tongue: :speak_no_evil: - please don’t get mad at me Joseph - I think it’s great!

Oops, my bad :smiley: