Rotate axis doesn't accept unit vector

I was surprised this didn’t work:


How can I convert the unit vector to the “line” that the axis input wants?

EDIT: Guess this is it…

Yepo… Something like this. (11.4 KB)

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Btw it is good to mark a solution when you get it…

You were too fast, because I was about to delete this topic.

Since you initially just posted basically my question with different wording back to me, I went and found the answer myself. But I looked in your file now, and holy shit. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Don´t delete topics. It is good that they stay, because people tend to search on the forum before they post a question. This prevents the same topics apearing over and over again.


Huh… this tripped me up today again, and my own previous thread was a suggestion. :rofl:

It’s still not logical to me that this throws an error…

Axis is a line because it needs a physical location, vectors do not have a physical location. That being said, the description could be better, maybe something like “Rotation axis line”. (Although the icon there is the line icon, as opposed to the vector icon).

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A vector doesn’t specify a location the way a line does.

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