Rotate and extend line at same time

Hello, I’m a retired Danish architect and new to Rhino. Come from AutoCad world, where selecting a line and picking one endpoint makes the other endpoint a center, so that you are now able to move the line in any angle and also to shorten or extend the at the same time. In vain I have tried to do this in Rhino, is it possible?

usually hitting f10 switches on points or use the command _PointsOn

for degree one curves like polylines you can also use both of those icons for the same purpose
but they have different functions for higher degree curves.

Gumball can also be useful:

Rhino doesn’t work exactly the same way but has the same capability. Rather than automatically inferring that you want to fix the first point and rotate around it, Rhino provides the “Rotate” command which asks you for a center of rotation, a reference point and a point to rotate to. Alternatively you can select the center of rotation and just specify the degrees of rotation you want, using minus for CCW.

Try the attached Python Script
Vittorio (523 Bytes)

Hi Claus - it is not as convenient but Orient can help here. Use Scale=1D or 3D, I guess it does not matter…
BUt yeah, moving the end control point on a line, if it really is a line with only two points, should accomplish what you need.

Thanks for helping me out :slight_smile: