Rotate 3D around a curve?

I am trying to make a definition that makes a jewellery chain. I have some different types of links that I can choose from a list. Some of the chains need every second link rotated 90º from the other links.

Any help about culling or lists would be great. I am using array along curve right now.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.
Thanks in advance, «Randy

chain - Array on Curve.ghx (714.8 KB)

I have the cull Nth & shift list to get every second link.

I am now trying to figure out how to rotate one set 90º to the array curve?


Are you trying to do something like this? (9.3 KB)

Thanks @fraguada , it is getting in the right direction. Here is using my curve. I will check more after my morning meeting.


Hello @fraguada that helped, but my rotation is a bit off. Here is image and updated definition.

Thanks, Randy

chain - Array on Curve.ghx (1.1 MB)

here’s an approach: (16.0 KB)

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Thanks @jeff_hammond that looks good. I will give it a try in a bit.

That is really simple and works a treat! Thanks again @jeff_hammond .

It crashed in Explicit History here , so I had to open on my pc. I like the way orient works as opposed to rotate.


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