Rooster input

I am using Rhino 6.

I can’t seems to find BMP container as shown in the picture
I would like to have a input for Rooster(grasshopper plugin)
But I have no idea how to assign my image

Can someone help me please?

I had the same problem. 2 choices
Install shapediver. They do plugins or component (bmp one) without giving an author name or using yak so, it is hard to find them @shapediver
2) right click on the input you 'll have a menu to download an image

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Thank you so much for comprehensive answer!
Now I am able to use my image!

I don’t know if your question was just in the shapediver context
I also have a different version of Rooster installed… but in my case you can plug-in directly a file path component (on which you can of course just right click and chose an image file on your hard drive using a classic windows file browser)


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