Open nest with pngs and images in grasshopper


Long time rhino user but limited grasshopper. I’m trying to optimize a print then cut using grasshopper for a laser cutter. Working on building out the read csv, create corresponding shape etc. which is going well enough.

I have two hiccups and hoping for some help!

  1. I haven’t been able to find a way to insert and image into Rhino (using grasshopper) that is the actual image. So far I can only create a mesh the size of the image.

Other than a grasshopper plugin I have yet to discover, should I pursue a python script to place the images? or after the open nest optimizes have a python script place and orient all the images.

2.) I’m still struggling with errors with the open mesh, (DllNotFoundException…) which I plan to reinstall. On a Mac with super limited internet access so I need to visit a cafe again… anyways! Will OpenNest work with a group that combines curves with other objects?

Thanks in advance