Roof Clipping - No Plan Clipping per Object by Detail

Hey Guys,

For floor plans, roofs will sometimes clip in plan view for upper floors. For example, see the red arrows:

It’d be great to just show the roof plan below. There’s a couple workarounds I can use, but it’d be the absolute best to simply mark objects as not clipping per detail. Anyone have some guidance?


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Hi Clayton, I add this request (define object clipping status by Detail) to our wish-list.
I guess you have tried that already, but if you change the Cut plane’s height for that level, at least you might get rid of the roof cut of the first red arrow, and have less clipping on the higher roof’s ridge.

By the way, nice display!

I second that. It would be great to have per detail control of what gets cut.
In the meantime I end up having two detail views, one of the plan cut, and the next to it without the cut activated. In your case, the tricky part is going to be right at that building line where the sloped roof runs up the wall.

@fsalla Thanks! VisualArq is capable of making great looking drawings. They look even better printed at full scale.

I think that workaround will do the trick for now. This is not an uncommon condition for the buildings we work on, so it’d be amazing to have that level of control. Thanks again!

@arcus Exactly, it’s the adjacency that’s the problem. The window sills also add some complication. Masking each of those manually would be a real time sink.

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