Wish: Clipping per-Detail

It would be useful to define on a per-Detail basis if an object should be clipped or not (Similar to hiding objects per-Detail, which is possible).

If an object shall be clipped can be defined in Clipping Planes’ object (or layer):

However, this will affect all Details. The idea is to affect only chosen Details.
This would be another step in the direction of making Details more independent / finely controllable in what they show.

Came across this recently doing some layouts showing floorplans and sections, using VisualArq. I wanted to see some objects clipped in one Detail but unclipped in another.
Original thread in the VisualArq subforum

Since Asuni now obviously plans to embrace the new Rhino 8 Section Styles, making their own implementation obsolete, I’d like to ask here instead.

(The other topics in that thread will automatically be solved when they transition to R8 Section Styles, because these already work in R8: MatchProperties for Section Styles, working Undo, keeping object Section Styles when copying a layer or editing an object).


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Hi Eugen - does this not do it?


This checkbox toggles the whole Clipping Plane for a Detail, so all other objects wouldn’t be clipped, too.
The “Objects Clipped” list includes/excludes individual objects from one Clipping Plane, but it affects all Details. What I meant is choosing per-object and per-Detail, if something is clipped or not. This would be something new.
Comparable to “HideInDetail”, wich is per-object AND per-Detail.
Thank you!

Hi Eigen, I see, thanks-
RH-78851 ClippingPlane - clip per detail and per object


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