Roll back up?

SO I was watching a Rhino video and making notes of the commands used and one of the commands was to unroll a surface to do some work on it and then the command to return the flattened surface back to the original shape was ’ RollBackUp’ ? I can’t find this in Rhino 6 so is it a custom add on of some kind ?
Or should I be using FlowAlongSrf ?


you are most likely looking for Squish and SquishBack. but dont kill me if that does not work in version6, have non to test right now. it is working in version 5.

thanks for that but it’s not the one i’m looking at, perhaps if jb sees this he can help out ?
This was version 5 Rhino if that makes a difference


is that a snippet from the video? have a link? i dont think this is a rhino command, i also cant find it listed. you can call anybody with @ then their name @John_Brock for example. i assume its either a plugin or some self made command tinkered together with existing tools.

Yes I was thinking the same thing, Hopefully If @jaybee63 sees this he might enighten me if he has time :slight_smile: for what he and I do with Rhino it looks like a really handy tool .
Heres the link and the section is at 16:21 mins


well the part we see here is like Squish and Squish Back. but it could also be some FlowAlongSrf under the hood which provides more accurate curve properties. the advantages of this mysterious RollBackUp are not fully clear to me at this state, so i am curious!

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thanks @encephalon i will play around with Squish back and see how well it does what I need… thanks for looking for me…


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It’s a custom tool, but you can use squish and squish back which will give you what you need.

hehe Cheers @jaybee63 thanks for letting us know, we figured as much. As usual it’s another late night messing with Rhino honing the skills :slight_smile:

What solution did you find, if you can write?
workshop team

If someone found a solution, can you write?

Hello - please post an example of a surface you’d like to unroll and roll back up.