Roadmap for Rhino 8 SR8-16 or SR8-10 (near future)

It would be nice with a roadmap for the next SR’s in order to learn which bugs or “lack of functionality” are going to be solved soon and which are going to stay unsolved for the rest of the year(s), only to be solved later or never. - Blender Forum has this as:

Near-Term Targets
Mid-Term Targets
Long-Term Targets

Hi Tim -
We have the 8.x, 9.0, 9.x, and Future release targets.
Enforcing a system for shorter term categorization would simply lead to developers spending more time shuffling their items around and less time on fixing bugs.

It could be as simple as a short list of which of the (multiple) pending issues you are currently working on. Similar to the list of things allready solved when launching a new Service Release. I don’t have an access to the YouTrack system, so I (and other users like me) am flying blind, when se are planning content for Rhino-classes to take place in a few months time from now. Could we plan for SafeFrame and Blocks (Linked and Embedded) to work and the “Render Window” VFB to get some love soon? How about the CurvePiping not obscuring SurfaceEdges if you select to show them in PostEffects?

And how about fixing the problem with the multiline Textfields such as %Notes%, which overlap at random places (and has been doing that in three years in Rhino 7 SR1-37).
It took you 6 ServiceReleases to fix Layouts (and Printing them) in a meaningfull way. Now we are 95% there, but we still have issues making us look like fools/tools in the process when Onboarding New Users or demonstrating the New Features. Overall I would be happy to see a RoadMap even if it was just for the next few ServiceReleases.