Rmtl preview change scale when saving

Is it possible to change scale when saving rmtl?

I’m not able to reproduce this one in testing here. The thumbnails have the same scaling shown in Rhino’s material editor despite the texture’s repeat. Upload one of your rmtl files please as the scale should be the same as when it was saved.

K543 SN.rmtl (8.4 MB)
When you import it in rhino the scale will fix, but when you export it has problem.

@Matus1 thanks for the rmtl file. I see what you mean, the thumbnail in Windows explorer doesn’t have the same texture size as when loaded into Rhino. I was able to save the rmtl again though and overwrite the thumbnail successfully. I’m not sure why this happened but my guess is that the rmtl was initially saved with an older version of Rhino maybe. Can you save over the rmtl and see the scale the same as in the Rhino material panel’s thumbnail of the material?

I dont know if thats the case, because Ive uninstalled rhino 6 when 7 was available. I work only with rhino 7. But it can be, that something is bugged. Also when im saving it again it is doing same even though I moved that file into another new PC with rhino 7, it doesnt change scale. But interesting is that sometimes it saves it right. Like in this picture. It is like 1 in 15.

Thanks for the update, I’m still not able to reproduce the issue here with Rhino 7 on the latest service release running on Windows 11. The next step in troubleshooting this on your end would be to make sure you are on the latest service release of Rhino 7 from Rhino - Downloads and check that you don’t need any Windows updates and that none have failed recently.

I found solution. It only works with mapping channel, with WSC/OCS it doesnt work.