RiR GH - Face, Edge of Components

Right now I can successfully pick edges, vertexes of walls, direct shapes, etc. but when I choose components it seems like it is picking edge of the invisible family instance placed in 0,0,0 coordinates. Is it intended to work like that?

How to use Revit face? From Edge or Vertex, I receive curve or point but from Face, it is not a mesh nor brep. Is it to, for example, create Wall by Face?

Another question, Is it another way to pick edges than manually selecting them in Revit? I can receive something similar with Wires output in Element.Preview component but I suppose Edges provide more data?


Edges in the 0,0,0 coordinates as you said is a bug. Thanks for pointing this out.

Revit face is for referencing Revit geometry faces it will be used to create Walls by face, the conversion to surface will be also implemented. In that case is just too soon, but will be exactly as you describe it.

About extracting Revit geometry references to vertices, edges and faces may be useful when we have some components that can use them. By now using the ‘Element.Geometry’ and ‘Deconstruct Brep’ together should give you similar functionality.


There is a new one here.
It should fix the Edges at 0,0,0 as well as implement the implicit cast from vertex, edge and face to point, curve, surface and brep.

The preview of those parameters should work as well now.
Please test it and tell me if you detect something wrong.

Thanks, I will check it.

Could you please take a look on ways to deconstruct (for example Walls) to receive their Finish Faces (just for start), and later on: Core Faces, Core Axis and every other Wall Layer there might be? Of course, all done through Grasshopper components, without manually selecting faces in Revit or maybe selecting with Document Element Types Filters - selecting whole objects, where GH extracts specified faces, not handpicking them).
We already have quite nice AddWall.ByCurve component. Now let’s put some stuff on them!