Revit Elements by Face

Hello ,First i want to say that I’m amazed by RIR and the integration ,playing with it for a month now… i even managed to create voids from Rhino breps and cut revit floors with them , using the api exposed to python i managed to create a FaceWall node and a curtain system node that receives a FamilyInstance with a Mass and create the Corresponding elements by its Faces , however i used the methods FaceWall.Create() and NewCurtainSystem2()
Which create a new set of elements every time the mass is modified inside GH , the question is is it possible to just update those elements everytime instead of creating bew ones? Sort of what clicking UpdateToFace would yield inside revit?

Another thing i would like to ask is if it’s possible to create a FaceWall directly using a Brep from Gh instead of pushing the brep as a mass to the revit document and then using it?
So my revit project wont be overloaded by masses.
Thank you.
would be glad if you can implement this functionality natively without the need to access the api from python.

It would be nice to have a feature similar to Elefront Bakename, which is UserText that is generated on baking (or in this case transaction) then any subsequent bakes replace the geometry with the same Bakename. Dangerous, yes, but an acceptable risk.


Already tried to save the created ElementId in a Sticky with a corresponding name eg: [“MassnameFaceNameFacewall”] then calling Document.Delete() with the old ID before creating a new wall , revit wont delete it for some reason

Would be very handy if there were CoreComponents to do this