I am testing the annotation components of the daily build v1.10.8272.12229
I could not work with Spot Elevations or coordinates. I guess the referencing the Revit element is the main issue. could you please help me?

thanks in advance.
RIR_SpotCoordinates_Elevations.gh (9.2 KB)

You are correct, the reference element seems to have the bug. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the prompt reply and support.
Do you know if slope annotation will be also added in the future? I could not find it under the annotation component group.

Perhaps there isn’t one in the file you are using. I get Spot Slope at the bottom of the list


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@kike ,

It confuses me that Spot slopes is not a separated component. Would it be better to have rather one component for all three options or three components for the three different annotations?


When should we expect this bug will be fixed? I would like to use it for the current project.
Thanks in advance.

That convention is primarily driven by what the Revit API allows/offers

We have a Spot Elevation / Coordination due to being different methods, there is request in Autodesk to add a Spot Slope Method.

@Japhy ,

thanks for the quick reply.
I was assuming that API issue…

Please let us know when bug for the reference input is fixed.
Thanks very much!

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I also have a problem with Spot Coordinate and Spot Elevation component.
I am using a floor as a reference and its loading a Spot component correctly to Revit but its snapping it to the edge of the floor. Is it a bug in the component or I am doing something wrong?


The reference input is the issue, something that will be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting.

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Hi @Japhy,

when should we expect this component to work correctly?

Apologies, the ‘fixed soon’ was in regard to the floor spot coordinate.

How references are created from certain elements needs work. The wall for instance doesn’t provide a valid location in most views. The current method would require you to get a particular curve or point

Hi @Japhy
Thanks for the reply. It works now!
I think I am still struggling to add spot slopes…

Doesn’t appear to be possible via Revit API

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I have also thought that…
Thanks for your support!

Hi guys, is there a way that I can select the existing spot coordinates and get the info or data out of it? thanks.

Hi Joel,

When selecting a Spot Elevation you will see the parameter holding the value.

Using a Graphical Element and Inspect Component I was able to find this info in Rhino.Inside.Revit.

Once I have my Category and Parameter now I create a robust definition that Queries the Views I want.

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i added reference plane via rhino but the spot coordinate seems not working…
but not sure about what the warning means though

i’m trying to get the coordinate of the radius point actually

Hi @olivia8,

In this case you would like to use same reference your radial dimension is using.

The origin of the Radial Dimension isn’t a reference, in Revit you can’t add a dimension to that point or add a Spot Coordinate.

Getting that point will depend on what type of Element the Radial Dimension is to, if its a wall for example you’ll want to cast to a curve and proceed from there, a model line the annotation reference is a curve. Once you have the point location you will need to have an Element there that can be dimensioned or used as a Reference.

Hi Japhy,

is there a way that I can use the survey point system so that the value of the spot coordinates are right? thanks.