Rich Graph Mapper not recognized in saved file


I am using Rhino 5 and I saved a definition in which I used the Rich Graph Mapper.

Each time I open the file these Graph Mappers are not recognized and I have this error message:

Anyone knows how to fix that?

many thanks!

Which plug-in is that from? Looks like a bug in the deserialisation code for that object.

Here it is:

It is the Rich Graph Mapper from @Dani_Abalde.

Hi @giacomo_forcina.
Do you have the second release of the plugin? (Check dates at food4rhino). It was fix a bug in the deserialization, I guess it will be the same.

Hello Daniel,

I think it’s the old one, since the library file is richedgraphmapper_0.gha
and I just downloaded the richedgraphmapper_1.gha.

I’ll test the new one.