RhinoVault 3


I was testing the RhinoVault 3 (RV3) which has replaced RV2 but noticed that some of the tools and functionalities from RV2 are no longer available in RV3.

The main one is the additional tabs that are available when you click the gear icon in the RV2/3 toolset (icon is also missing in RV3):

It looks like the settings have been consolidated and placed under the COMPAS toolset but they’re missing all the tabs:

The “FromSkeleton” option was also missing in the Create pattern command:


Has anyone managed to get the full toolset in RV3?

Thanks in advance!


Ask directly on compas forum. McNeel forum is not checked I believe by the developers.

I think it should have changed also compas2 version was released.

Thank you @Petras_Vestartas, I’ll post it there.