Rhinoscriptsyntax broken in RS releases?

I’ve encountered two issues in the past day that seem like serious bugs in RC2 and RC3. It seems that a good deal of the Python scripting functionality is broken.

I’ve already reported the first one here, around exploding hatches. The second issue came about when using this simple script:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
baseLine = rs.AddLine([0,0,0], [3,0,0])
extrudeLine = rs.AddLine( [0,0,0], [0,0,1.5] )
baseSurface = rs.ExtrudeCurve(baseLine, extrudeLine)
solid = rs.OffsetSurface( baseSurface, .1, both_sides=True, create_solid=True )
print solid

It draws a line, extrudes a surface, and offsets the surface. The script runs fine in Windows, but the OffsetSurface command fails on Mac, returning a None with no solid or surfaces produced

I don’t seem to recall having this many issues with basic tasks in the WIP versions, has something changed in the Python scripting backend in the RC versions?

seeing the same thing here… rs.OffsetSurface appears to be broken on mac

Yep, even with an existing surface as input. And it does work on Windows. --Mitch

Got it:

I see this ticket has been closed and is slated for inclusion in 5.1 release - any estimate as to when it will be available? I’m using Rhino on Mac and really need a way to script out offsetSrf() calls. Thanks!

You can install the Mac Rhino WIP if you want to get at this feature before 5.1 is released.

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