Rhinoscript reference con visualstudio


For some reasons and my preferences, I use rhinoscript syntax with C # in visual studio to develop my plugins:

        var rhinoscript_object = RhinoApp.GetPlugInObject("RhinoScript");
        var rs = (IRhinoScript)rhinoscript_object;
        var selection = rs.GetObjects("Select Lines to Apply", 1 | 4 );

For my projects it works very well, I have had no problems and meets my goals.

But this always requires that the rhinoscrit plugin is active, and sometimes it is not, either because it was not activated, or there was a problem that caused it to deactivate, therefore my plugin stops working too.

My question is, is it possible instead of calling the rhinoscript plugin import a rhinoscriptsyntax reference into visual studio?


Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Here is the source code for rhinoscryptsyntax:

Since it just uses RhinoCommon, you should be able to translate what you need to C#.

– Dale

Hi @dale

Sorry ,I’m not understanding how can i use source code for rhinoscryptsyntax for C #.

Hi @MatrixRatrix,

I didn’t say “use” the source code. I said you could translate it - from Python to C# - if needed. And you don’t have to port the project in it’s entirety - just the functions you find useful.

– Dale