How can use rhinoscriptsyntax in a plugin?

Hi everybody,

I am trying to use rhinoscriptsyntax as (rhino.getobejct, rhino.addpoint , rhino.istext, etc) in a plugin develop in Visual Studio.

How can I do this?

Thank you

Hi @javiervg84,

rhinoscriptsyntax is a library of Python-callable functions. The library is written in Python, so you’re not going to be able to call these from a C# plug-in, for example.

However, rhinoscriptsyntax simply makes calls into RhinoCommon, which you do from a C# plug-in. So is possible to port these functions to C#.

Here is the rhinoscryptsynax source:

That said, it’s probably best to just learn RhinoCommon. There are resources and plenty of code samples to help you along.

– Dale

Hi @Dale,

Thank you in advance for you reply.

I´m developing in Visual Studio 2015 with VB. I´d like to know why doesn´t work this command Rhino.layervisible(strLayer, True)?

You can see my program below:

Imports System
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports Rhino
Imports Rhino.Commands
Imports Rhino.DocObjects
Imports Rhino.Geometry
Imports Rhino.Input
Imports Rhino.Input.Custom


    Public Class INCOMACTIVARCAPASCommand
        Inherits Rhino.Commands.Command

        Shared _instance As INCOMACTIVARCAPASCommand

        '''<returns>The command name as it appears on the Rhino command line.</returns>
        Public Overrides ReadOnly Property EnglishName() As String
                Return "INCOMACTIVARCAPAS"
            End Get
        End Property

        Protected Overrides Function RunCommand(ByVal doc As RhinoDoc, ByVal mode As RunMode) As Result
            Dim Rhino, objRhinoScript As Object

            objRhinoScript = CreateObject("Rhino5x64.Interface")
            If (Err.Number <> 0) Then
                RhinoApp.WriteLine("Unable to create Rhino5x64.Interface object")
                Exit Function
            End If

            Rhino = objRhinoScript.GetScriptObject

            If (Rhino Is Nothing) Then
                RhinoApp.WriteLine("Failed to get Rhinoscript object")
                Exit Function
                RhinoApp.WriteLine("Rhino object created.")

            End If

            Dim arrLayers As Array
            Dim strLayer As String

            arrLayers = Rhino.LayerNames

            If IsArray(arrLayers) Then

                For Each strLayer In arrLayers

                    If Rhino.islayervisible(strLayer) = False Then

                        Rhino.layervisible(strLayer, True)

                    End If


            End If

            Rhino = Nothing

            objRhinoScript = Nothing

            Return Result.Success

        End Function
    End Class
End Namespace

Hi @javiervg84,

Are you writing a plug-in for Rhino?

– Dale

Hi @Dale,

Yes, I am. I am writing this plug-in in Visual Studio (VB). It works right until the command Rhino.layervisible. This command doesn´t do anything. I dont know why.

Hi @javiervg84,

When writing .NET plug-ins for Rhino, you will be using the RhinoCommon API, not RhinoScript.

– Dale