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I have been playing some time in pyhton script, so far with the help of the forum I have done very good things.

But now I have a doubt that I did not find a way to do it in python (at least I did not find it).

So, I need to create a form (panel) but that is integrated with rhino, type the panel properties, and I can play at same time that I draw.

Like this,

Or like this,

I did not find out how to do this with python, so I looked for a way to do with visual studio and vb plugin, I’m still trying to unmanage how visual studio and VB works, but before I continue, and because the learning curve will be long, I would like to know, how can I do this and where?


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Check the python scripts with Eto in their names:

Is there anything useful for you here?


Thank you for replay, the problem is that Eto dont Dock on rhino layout and, Eto build a form and can not draw while the form is running.

It is possible to create Eto dialogs that doc in the panels. Not entirely sure how easy that is to do with Python.

Check the modeless dialog for one that runs while still being able to interact with Rhino.

@dale, @pascal do you happen to have some python code that creates a dockable Eto panel?

If not I’ll try writing some code.

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I do not. I have not really delved much into Eto yet…


What a better time than right now? :wink:


Let’s see if we can get for instance https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples/tree/6/rhinocommon/cs/SampleCsViewportPropertiesETOUI translated to Python or even better https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples/blob/6/rhinocommon/cs/SampleCsEto/Views/SampleCsEtoPropertiesPage.cs

Oh right, I guess it is going to be difficult to do this in a python script, since registering such a panel will require a plug-in to be implemented… Is that even possible?

@MatrixRatrix for now the modeless form sample should get you going with creating a non-blocking dialog for your python script

Thank you, let me explore this form.

Hi @nathanletwory, please read this thread, it is from 2015 an unfortunately, nothing new until now… it has been mentioned here too.


Anybody has an idea or sample python script which can specify a Docking position for Eto form next to Properties panel in Rhino UI??

Hi @_AS, it is still not possible using Python, sorry.

I hope someday @stevebaer will make it, the initial request is now 10 years old.


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Thanks a lot clement. I appreciate this a lot.

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