RhinoScript Documentation Website Broken

The RhinoScript documentation website is broken. When will it be fixed?

Hi Mike -
Thanks for letting us know, I’ll report it.

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Update - page comes up now, but there is no search box and clicking on categories does nothing… all you can do is scroll, scroll, scroll…


The topics shown on the left do not have propper links / anchors…

The sub-topics do have links. I think it would be good if the topics could be expanded and collapsed

All - thanks for the feedback.
Quick action was taken yesterday to make sure that the broken links were dealt with.
Further work is on the list as WWW-1792.

Just some more feedback: It’s looking better but the results from the search does not work.

If I go to Rhino - RhinoScriptSyntax, search for GetPoint as an example, and click on the first link I get the exact same error as before. I can find the same info elsewhere but it’s a pain because other documentation is not complete which is fine if the search works…but it doesn’t at this point.

Yes, it’s still way less functional than the previous version. It also takes at least five seconds for the page to load here. This really needs to be fixed as soon as possible as there is no ‘offline’ documentation for this.

@Helvetosaur - How long has it been this way?

Only a couple of days, it seems like I looked at it last Friday and it was working correctly. Looks like they are in the process of transferring the page to some other system and it’s not done yet.

Dan is going to look at this as soon as he gets a chance.

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It still is virtually unusable.

FEATURE REQUEST: It would be nice if a PDF with a clickable table of contents was created for each technology so that we could click to go to that topic or search within the PDF.


Could be merged into this topic…

Website issues:

  1. There is no scrollbar on the left side for the table of contents.
  2. When you scroll on the right side either using page down/up, the scrollbar, or using the mouse wheel, the left side highlights the topic you are on BUT once you move past the last topic on the screen for the current parent topic it does not scroll to show you the rest of the table of contents for that parent topic. It finally scrolls once you scroll to the next parent topic but then closes the original parent topic so there is no way of knowing what the rest of the table of contents says for the original topic. See screenshot and try to scroll to the next few topics after CurveDegree and the left side will not scroll until you get to a topic for the next parent topic which is Dimension.


Apologies for the delay. I’ve pushed some changes to the page that will hopefully get us back closer to what was there before. (You will likely need to refresh your browser’s cache to see these changes).

I am still working on better search performance on the site in general and have made some changes that will impact this, but it takes time for search-providers to crawl the site again and remove old and defunct URLs.

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@dan - OMG…soooo much better! Thank you!!!

Is there anyway you can compile the information on the documentation website to a PDF so we can download it to have access to it offline. I would suggest the PDF have a table of contents such that when you clicked on an item it would take you directly to that page.

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The rhinoscriptsyntax help comes with Rhino for Windows.

From the EditPythonScript editor, pick Tools > Options and check “Local help” button. Now just poke the Help button…

– Dale

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I’ll have to give this some thought. I too like quick references that I can use offline, like Dash’s docsets. One option I’d like to explore is a pdf button for each page (but that would be a site-wide solution).

In the meantime, @dale 's solution might work for you.

@dale - Great tip. Thanks!