RhinoDoc.CreateHeadless doesn't create document layouts

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a new document using RhinoDoc.CreateHeadless(TemplateName) with a template path supplied.

I’m finding that some elements of the template are used (layers etc), but others (Layouts) are not.

The goal is to have a template that includes a predefined layout with a drawing border (+ common notes etc) and detail view. Then, I create a new drawing with that template, create my geometry, then save and close.

What do I need to do to get the layouts to persist from the template?

If I create a new file using the same template manually (file > new) then it works as expected, but not through RhinoDoc.CreateHeadless(TemplateName).

Any suggestions?

Hi @Gerrard_Hickson,

I am able to repeat this - I’ve logged the issue.


Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

Hi @Dale,

Same problem with RhinoDoc.Create(TemplateName) - Not Headless.

How do I create a new document from template with Layout views?


Hi Gerrard,
Headless docs currently do not create any views (including layouts). This is something we are still trying to figure out how to properly do.


Is there a workaround?

Not at the moment

Hi All,

I’m having issues creating layouts using the AddPageView - could these issues be related?
Link: AddPageView has no effect - #5 by Gerrard_Hickson

Also - The issue on this post isn’t restricted to the CreateHeadless method - it also doesn’t create layouts using the Create method.