Rhinocommon NodeInCode doesn't work without starting grasshopper

Hey @piac i fiddled around with nodeInCode today and i cant recreate this:

if i start rhino and without loading grasshopper and run any sample this happens:

If i start grasshopper first and then run samples it works. Is this the desired behaviour or am i doing soemthing wrong?

Many thanks,

I can reproduce this. @Alain @DavidRutten do you know of some recent changes in this area?

Changes to the load routines have been made, mostly to get more fine-grained error reporting in case things go wrong. Does Grasshopper itself start without issue if you run the command? And are all components indeed loaded?

After this, only a subset of the components is loaded.

Example script:

import Rhino


Just reporting back on this,

The error has changed now on (6.14.19127.17141, 07.05.2019):

Now the error already appers when writing the code, after adding a dot (.) after Comonents:

import Rhino
def Test():
    print Rhino.NodeInCode.Components.

I also tested in v7 WIP and it works as expected there :slight_smile:
Will you bring the fix back to r6 @piac?

Hi @lando.schumpich

this is something that @DavidRutten (thank you!) has been working on. It should be fixed in V6 SR15.
You can follow the progress of issue RH-51188.

Sorry we are not being fast at releasing the Service Release for V6 for this. The one for V7 WIP is already out, because the release cycle is faster.

Thanks for reminding us.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates