Rhinocommon DLL in commercial software

Hello there!
I am a little bit confused with the licensing model of the Rhinocommon/OpenNURBS.

From what I understood, OpenNURBS is open source and free to use in commercial software and Rhinocommon is an implementation of it in the .NET. Does it mean that you can use Rhinocommon in a commercial software (Not a Rhino Plugin)?

In short, can I use/ship rhinocommon.dll within my .NET application? If not, is there any other licensing model that I am missing?

Thank for your answers!

NOTE: This is NOT meant for any Rhino plug-in development. You should only be using this library if you are attempting to read/write 3dm files from an application other than Rhino!

I think for 3d kernel functions you have to look at other places…

Hi @Ayoub,

Here is the landing page for openNURBS, which includes some legal stuff:


On this page is a link to the …NET openNURBS SDK, which puts you here:


This is the version of RhinoCommon you are allowed to distribute with your application.

Note, this page has a link to a NuGet package, which makes it easy to integrate with you app.

Also note, you are not allowed to distribute any component that ships with Rhino.

Does this help?

– Dale