Is it possible to redistribute opennurbs.dll in Rhino?

I’m working with opennurbs not Rhino.
The opensource opennurbs does not ship some functionalities, and those are only enabled in Rhino.
I found that Rhino SDK license says that it can be used no limitation, literally.
However, the opennurbs.lib file included in SDK still requires opennurbs.dll and it can be found in Rhino system.

Can I use opennurbs.dll in Rhino system in terms of the license of Rhino SDK, that is, is the opennurbs.dll freely redistributable without any limitation?

Hi @duomaxwell20,

No, you cannot. This from the Rhino license agreement:

You may not distribute any portion of the Software or materials accompanying the Software.

Also, the functionality built into openNURBS included with Rhino is actually implemented in Rhino. Thus, even if distribution were allowed, these functions would not work anyway…

With all this said, what functionality are you looking for? What problem are you trying to solve?

– Dale

Thank you for your kind answer.

I’m looking for method to make mesh from BRep mainly, and boolean operation additionally.
I’ve tried ON_BRep::CreateMesh(), but I noticed that it is not implemented in opensource opennurbs soon.

Hi @duomaxwell20,

No, you will not see these features coming to the free openNURBS, which is designed to read and write 3dm files.

What are you working on? Is it possible to do this work in Rhino?

– Dale

I don’t think so. My work is totally unrelated with Rhino.
It’s an application which handles B-Rep data structure.