RhinoCommon DisplayMode setting


How can you set the value of SubD in the display mode? I can’t find the appropriate property to set when I want to display or disable them. Thanks in advance!

I was expecting it could be done something like this, but I suspect it isn’t implemented yet:

import Rhino
dp = Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.GetDisplayModes()
# dp[0] = Wireframe, dp[1] = Shaded, dp[2] = Rendered  etc...
dp[2].DisplayAttributes.set_ShowSubDWires(True) # doesn't work

@dale is it correct that this is not hooked up yet?

I thought so at first, but I can’t find those property in C# RhinoCommon.

Hi @Lian,

These properties are not exposed to RhinoCommon. I’ve logged a request.


– Dale