RhinoCommon/API issue

From this post:

Concerning the Rhino.Geometry.Extrusion.CreateExtrusion Method -

I noticed that in the online docs there is no such method listed. In the editor left sidebar not either. There is Create(), as well as Create Box, Cylinder and Pipe… but not CreateExtrusion.

However, in the editor, if you start typing the method, once you get to Extrusion., the CreateExtrusion method does appear in the autocomplete box, and the Help does show up in the bottom help panel in the editor.


In reality, this method shortcuts to Rhino.Geometry.Surface.CreateExtrusion() and creates a ‘surface’, not an extrusion. (it doesn’t even automatically create a brep if it is a polysurface, but that’s a different issue…)

So, if the method is not actually in the Extrusion class, should it autocomplete there? Or, if it should, then there should be documentation on the API Extrusion class page and in the editor left sidebar. - with perhaps a note as to where the method actually leads…

Thx, --Mitch

Hi @Helvetosaur,

The same thing happens - the autocomplete deal - in Visual Studio as well.

The reason for this is that Extrusion inherits from Surface, just as it does in openNURBS.

What you are seeing are the static functions found on the base class.

Not much we can do about this - sorry.

– Dale