RhinoCAM for GRBL Xpro Controller V4

New to the forum. I would like to use RhinoCAM to create G-code for my Workbee CNC router build. I have tried using GRBL as the post processor, but I am getting issues perhaps because of a tool change command that is not supported with the Xpro controller. Anyone out there have experience using RhinoCAM with the Xpro controller version 4? I think it should be pretty similar to using RhinoCAM for the Shapeoko. I have run a fair amount of G-code from Fusion 360 on my machine using a custom post processor from Strooom https://github.com/Strooom/GRBL-Post-Processor
which is basically a cleaned up version of the Fusion360 GRBL post processor so it plays nicely with the OpenBuilds Software and the Xpro controller; so I know that my machine is working properly. Anyone made any working G-code with RhinoCAM that will work with a similar setup to mine? If I cant figure this out, I will probably switch to Universal G-Code sender for the control software and see if I have better luck, but I would like to keep with the OpenBuilds Software if possible because they made it very simple to set and flash all of the settings for my machine and the stepper motors.

My setup is (or hopefully will be if I can get it to work)

Modeling in Rhino
CAM in RhinoCAM
Control software: OpenBuilds Control
Xpro Controller v4
Router: custom built Workbee CNC

Have you contacted MecSoft? They just wrote a custom post for a friend of mine who recently bought RhinoCAM 2019 std.

For anyone with a similar set up, I have found a solution. If I post in GRBL millimeters, (even when I am working in inches), and if I delete the M6 line from the G-code (tool change), then the CAM generated in RhinoCAM works fine with the OpenBuilds Control and Xpro Controller v4.

Hope this helps, if anyone else is stuck like I was.