RhinoApp.KeyboardEvent Rhino8 MacOs (Help)

Help me find solutions. I noticed that in rino8 Mac it is still not possible to get information about keystrokes. Can you help me. how to create a plugin for Rhino.mac. to get information about keystrokes? or maybe there is a possibility to get real-time information that is entered into the command line?

To create a plugin for Rhino on Mac that captures keystrokes, you can use the Rhino Visual Studio Extension to build a command plugin. For real-time command line input, consider creating command macros and assigning keyboard shortcuts.

RhinoApp.KeyboardEvent event is responsible for detecting keystrokes in Rhino. It doesn’t work on a MacOs. so I’m looking for an alternative.

@taraskydon it looks like this will be fixed in 8.8, see
RH-78583 Tooltips need to hide as soon as you start typing