Rhino8 WIP - Gumball Missing extrude handles

I’m testing out the new enhancement in the latest WIP, I see missing extrude handles when setting the Gumball to the default (Align to Object) see below:

Expected Behavior from Rhino 7 with Gumball set to (Align to Object)

Is the gumball in Rhino 8 WIP missing scale handles and extrude handles all the times or just in a certain situation?

And are these the settings you see?

Only when set to “Align to Object” and selecting a surface or a Mesh Face

It works fine with polysurfaces and mesh objects.

My Gumball Settings are fine.


Sorry I didn’t see you actually wrote Align to Object in you post above.

I have the same problem in the most recent Rhino 8 WIP

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Hi -

Yes, that’s a known issue - RH-68468.
There’s some experimentation going on with the gumball in Rhino 8 at the moment.