Rhino6 plugin update

Looking for a way to update .rhp file while Rhino is opened and just have Rhino load the new version when re-starting.

Currently the .rhp file location is locked since Rhino opens that file directly. Is there a way to have Rhino copy that file to C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins and only use the original .rhp file when it restarts? This way we can make updates to the .rhp file and the users will have the updated copy when they re-start rhino.

I see something similar is mentioned here … but not sure how

each user install the plugin from a network drive, this way we could just upload a new version and next time rhino got started it automaticly had the latest version loaded.

is achieved.

Hi @dchang1,

When Rhino is in the process of closing, it will trigger a RhinoApp.Closing event. Perhaps your plug-in could use this event to start an install process for your update?

– Dale

thanks Dale!

but this will require each machine’s rhino to trigger its own update event… is there a way to trigger this event globally?

additional, it looks like rhino does not automatically load all the plug-ins inside the C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins folder. Is there a way to add the file location of the plug-in to rhino so it will automatically load it without individual installations?


Hi @dchang1,

There is nothing provided by Rhino, nor by McNeel, that will do this. How to other applications you use do this?

No, Rhino requires installation.

– Dale