Rhi not updating rui file

Can rhino delete the %appdata% plugin folder when re-installing an rhi file. This would allow a clean install and save any problems with rui files not updating.

Currently I am distributing an exe file which manages this - but I would like to start distributing an rhi file compiled from my (rhp + some folders).


@KeithR here is some information on how Rhino “stages” .rui files, including how to programmatically tell Rhino to re-stage a .rui file after updating your plug-in.

As far as I know, the decision not to do this by default comes down to not wanting to destroy any changes a user might have made.

@will Thanks, I think most users would expect running an rhi to create a clean install - I would vote for a change in V6.

My own plugin is compiled from several rvb files using http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/rhinoscriptcompiler I am not using Visual Studio. Can I still create a file to reference the plugin “onload” ?


Ah, I see. Unfortunately you can’t leverage the “on load” hook if you’re using the work-in-progress RhinoScript compiler.

Going back the beginning, what is it about the .exe method that isn’t working for you?

@will I have found it impossible to get an individual code signing license (I am not a company) - so the installer displays all the warnings (Microsoft + anti-virus) can throw at it. Would McNeel be able to code sign my exe file ? OR could V6 have an option when running an RHI to ask the user if they would like a clean install ?


We can’t use our certificates to sign anyone else’s code. I’ve opened an issue in our bug tracker to look into how this could be achieved either via RHI or the RhinoScriptCompiler itself (see RH-37957), however I hope you can appreciate that we’re all very busy at the moment!

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