Rhino6 overwrite CRhinoPlugIn::ReadDocument() running problem

Fisrt run Rhino6 after installing, the ReadDocument() is not running.
ReadDocument() is the function which overwrite CRhinoPlugIn::ReadDocument()

But after first run is OK.
The problem only happened when first opening Rhino6.
How to fix the problem?

Rhino6 version:

Hi @Vaker,

Your plug-in’s CRhinoPlugIn::ReadDocument virtual override will only be called if the document Rhino is reading contains document user data that this plug-in wrote.

Or am I confused about the problem you are having?

– Dale

Hi @dale,

I direct open a 3dm file when first run.
The data of Rhino default type loaded successful.
But override ReadDocument() was no response.
The additional data using WriteDocument() to add in 3dm file loaded failed.

Hi @Vaker,

This simple Rhino 6 test project seems to work:

TestVaker.zip (31.2 KB)

If you put breakpoints in your plug-in’s WriteDocument and ReadDocumentoverrides, are they called? Does your plug-in’s CallWriteDocument override return TRUE?

– Dale