Rhino4 out of memory on purpose built pc for V4 ..what to do?

Rhino V4.

WinXP pro 32bit
Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo CPU
E8500 @ 3.16 GHz
3.17 GHz 3.00Gb RAM

it says in control panel system.

I am sent an igs file, 127,042Kb I launch Rhino, go new file, file import, in it comes…command line above there says importing iges entity and the number is increasing with an apparent target of 21363…that stops, it now says
imported 650 entities, nothing on screen as yet, Rhino simply vanishes. try again and get Window is out of memory and Rhino will close after you click OK. You should restart your computer after Rhino exits. I Reboot PC and same issue.

I visit McNeel website, run the task manager, though the instruction on how to do it misses out one vital step, making me think my task manager has lost its options (should say click processes tab, then go view Select Columns ! if you dont do this the view option is missing) and watch as the memory reaches 1,800,000k and bang rhino vanishes. McNeel article says when it approaches 1,800,000K you know that there’s not much virtual memory left.

Windows XP 32bit has a 2gb limit. I have a purpose built PC for Rhino and cant open this file. Now what ?

As this is my first job for my new employer and venture in life, its embarrasing ! Last time I used Rhino for a paid job (1st and last time in fact) the iges file they wanted lost the dimensions data, a weakness of rhino I was told and iges apparently. Just not sure what I have bought at times. Use it in a serious job and get issues.

What is the solution to opening this file ?

I also have a wrp. file 898,966Kb is that something I open separately or does it get used with an .igs file

With it near 1Gb file size I can imagine what will happen !!!


Well, let’s see, how about trying a Rhino that 's like 6 years newer (V5) and an OS that’s not 3 generations and 12 years old for starters…?


+1000 to what Mitch said.

V5 and a 64bit OS with lots of RAM is pretty much essential these days

Hi, I am still licking my financial wounds following the PC build, its not a PC world job, but damned expensive by a company specialising in Rhino pc’s. McNeel say to us when building it, dont use vista but stick to xp, so I manage to just about find a copy of XP. I then get smashed on a motorway, and still havent received a suitable value to replace a rare car, I am skint, I then am out of a job, even more skint, isnt life fun… I have managed to buy a rare copy of win7 , as win8 is not recommended for those brought up on win3.1 through to xp ! My chance to get paid and find that v4 was never able to open such a file.

Is this file beyond what V4 was designed for ? Could the sender not have created such a file in xp days ?

If we turn the clocks back to V4 and XP, would such files have existed, if so, what was the fix ?

Are we saying rebuild the PC with Win7 and install V5. They need this work done asap.

I have dual boot with 64bit XP as this was done for V5, so I could downlaod V5 trial and install to that OS and get this job done . but wait…I seem to remember this plan was scuppered, as V5 64bit is not suitable for that OS even though it was planned for such at the time, someone moved the goalposts…am I right ?

I also now read that after 25 saves it wont do any more. So I must try and find money as the traditional 30 day full function of some progs isnt available here. I cant really evaluate in 25 saves.


Maybe it is possible for the people who sent you the file to send a smaller version (for example with less strict tolerance), or distribute the content in several files?

128 Mb IGES is quite large indeed, especially if there are complicated trims involved. I sometimes get 5-10 Mb IGES files with complicated trims and these take a a long time (up to minutes) to load on my Win7/Rhino 5 x64 system.

Maybe, when you receive as smaller pieces and then save them all to one 3dm file it will work? Because, when I save the IGES content to a Rhino file, that file subsequently loads in a heartbeat.

Good luck, I hope it works out.

You may also want to just try the 32 bit evaluation version of Rhino 5 to see if you can import this file. There’s always a chance that we improved something in our file importer that uses less memory.

If you have a computer that can handle Win7, I would recommend using that over XP. I also don’t think Win8 is all that difficult to comprehend, so don’t be afraid to try it.

I have googled v5 and saw McNeel V5 trial link, downloaded that but file is rh50_en-us_5.7.31213.18395.exe and doesnt say 32 or 64 bit
the download didnt say either.

Should I install this file onto XP 32bit, surely if its 64bit it will cause issues ?

or where do I get 32bit V5 from. Data out there is so sketchy on how to get 32bit V5 and install it to XP 32bit.

I may have to remove XP HD and buy new HD and install Win7 to that as I am told my plan of removing WinXP64bit on my dual boot PC and installing Win7 will cause problems as win7 and Xp cant co-exist on a dual boot system.
So the apparent easy fix just became a nightmare, trying to start new paid job and…total PC rebuild, many programs, and hardware attached from Win98 days, this will take weeks, been there before so I know. damn ! Thats a total killer.

or will V5 run on 64bit XP as was said when it was being built (PC that is)


You can dual boot Win 7 and XP

No, Rhino 5 will not run on XP 64 bit. You can run Rhino 4 on it and Rhino 4 running on a 64 bit OS can use up to 3.6GB of RAM (at least I could on Vista), so that’s one alternative… but…

The thing is, sooner or later, you’re going to need new hardware. You’re going to end up wasting a lot of your valuable time trying to get your system to run recent programs with recent file sizes. There’s no use installing a 64 bit system on a computer with only 3 Gb of RAM. And even if you get more RAM, the processor will probably still be wheezing, not to mention other components like graphics card and hard disks…

Most likely even a cheap store-bought box computer today will well outperform your old hardware…

Well, it’s up to you to decide…



My guess is that you are getting polygonal (triangulated) files. The IGS file, although it can contain nurbs info, most like contains planar surfaces. The reason I suspect this is that you were also given a WRP file (Geomagic Wrap) which typically contains triangulated surfaces, although the newer versions may include additional nurbs data.

Are you expecting a polygonal/triangulated file, where you would be rebuilding new surfaces in Rhino?

If triangles are not useful to you, then your efforts on these files may be wasted.

Also you could try to use MoI3D demo to open the IGES and save it as 3dm. But no idea it will not be the same RAM problem.

If you can upload the file somewhere and send me a link to download via PM, I’ll be happy to import it for you and send you back a Rhino V4 file. Don’t know if you’ll be able to open that though…


I feel your pain Steve.
Things has changed quite a bit during the years, people download high quality parts from the vendors, put them in assemblies and all files grow in size. So 2GB just isn’t enough to handle complex files any more.

But don’t despair. My home computer is a Core2Duo 6600 that runs just fine. I upgraded it to 6GB, as that was very cheap, and installed Windows 8 on a SSD. (I really hatet W8 at first, then found a way to live with the stupid UI.) So now it is a modern computer. There is no need for the SSD or W8, I was going to install W7, but the W8 was on super offer, so I wanted to try it. And a normal HDD is just as fast for normal work as a SSD, the SSD is just faster at opening programs and starting the computer. It does not make Rhino faster.

The CPU is still good, i just compared it to my i5 laptop and it’s about 30% slower on Rhino stuff. That would make it less than half the speed of an i7, but who cares if stuff takes 3 times longer to calculate? Coffe is good!

If I were you I would let Mitch help you out, the man is a semigod!
And can probably even help you out to reduce the file so you can handle it on your system.

And I often ask my customers to re send files, as opening a 200MB IGES takes a long time. Of course at those moments it is nice to be able to do things in 10 minutes instead of 30.

Good luck and keep the spirit up man!

ok, seems i have a similar prob here: using a lenovo l530 with win7pro 64bit SP1, intelcore i3 chip 2.4 GHz and 8GB RAM…and r4sr9…trying to open a 20 MB dwg.

I know the issue that 64bit win will not allow r4 to use 8 GB, but 4GB should be good. the taskmanager shows a RAM capacity building up to 2.78 GB or so, than it freazes, and the same message is displayed: “out of memory…will be closed when you press OK…”

  1. how can I solve the limited RAM capacity?
  2. is it normal for a 20 MB dwg file to eat more than 3 GB RAM just for opening?

thanks for short feedback.

You won’t be able to solve the limited RAM capacity… But needing 3Gb to open a 20Mb file is very extreme… Shouldn’t need anywhere near that much.

I’m wondering if the file has a lot of linetypes or blocks or something that is making it very hard for Rhino to read it in. Also, what version is the dwg? Rhino 4 is rather old, might not correctly read the latest dwg files.

If you can zip the file and post it or upload it somewhere and post a link, I can look at it and perhaps figure out why this is happening; and at least be able to export an openable Rhino V4 file for you…


Windows XP will never allow a single program to see the whole 4GB only a maximum of 3GB hence the /3GB switch in the boot.ini file which re addresses the 2 vs 2GB Kernel/Applications to 1 vs 3GB.

You will not be able to get access to the Kernel reserve.

thanks for the quick reply. ya the RAM limit is a bloody joke. really thinking of getting r5 for the 64bit calculator - btw: is it worth the investment, r5 i mean?

uploaded the dwg file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhhkxnpw0cztrfg/Egypt-school-location.dwg

its just a guess, but i suspect the dwg to be made with AutoCad 2007 or 2009, but it was given to me from unknown source as basis for my work (its a map of all schools in egypt in 1 file, so yeah it has a lot of content in it, but still, its only 20 mb).

if you guys would be able to check if somethings wrong with that file (though I opened it approx. 1 year ago on another machine, which was a bit slow but at least opening), and even better manage to convert it to something compatible with my r4 - that would be really great…!

thanks a lot in advance for your efforts. glad that i registered in the forums…Loke.

Here’s what’s in the file:

64597 block instances, 61 hatches, 3455 points, 67366 curves, 2 polysurfaces, 11 surfaces, 46 linear dimensions, 58552 text added to selection.

It’s 100Mb in Rhino 4 format… I can upload it in a little bit…


Well, it won’t open in V4 here in any case… Gonna need to clean some stuff out of the file, I think, not sure it’s even the size, may be something else that’s making Rhino 4 crash…


wow Mitch, thanks for being so helpful. could it be that r4 is not good at handling the block instances? and so many of them…blast. greeting from cairo. Loke.