Rhino WIP: No help browser, no tutorials?

I have installed both Rhino, and Rhino WIP on my Mac.
Rhino connects to the internet to display Command Help + the Help Browser (loading them from docs.mcneel.com)

Rhino WIP however does not load the help pages, so they just stay blank.
However it does show help pages that were cached by the normal version of Rhino.

Also downloading tutorials via the menu does not work as expected.
“Help > Learn Rhinoceros > Open Tutorial Models” will launch the “Tutorial Models missing” dialog, offering me to download the missing models for me. If I click “Download” it shows the download bar for the blink of an eye, but does not download anything.

Is this just me? And if so, how can I fix it?
Thanks for your help!

Hi bithopper-

I don’t think you are alone in this one. Something has regressed and it seems related to MR-2623. Thanks for reporting. We’re having a little trouble reproducing this one, but we’ll make sure that it gets fixed.