Rhino WIP - Move SubD vertex based on the control point position

Hi Rhino Forum,

I first time experimented with the fantastic SubD Elements! Those are amazing for free form modelling! However, I found difficult to control a vertex based on its relative point position.

Lets say I have a cube and accidentally I move its one edge (two vertices) lower that the others. How do I easily move them to align to the other top ones?

Apologies, I just found that I needed to use Shift and Tab to switch mode! Nice!

You might also need to run the command ToolbarReset in the Rhino 7 WIP and then check the SubD toolbar group. There are selection filter icons for edge, face and vert selection modes so you don’t have to hold ctrl+shift if you like. There’s also a filter reset icon there too to set it back to all objects.

In your example, I’d select just the four top faces and scale to the Gumball origin in Z.


Check point and setpt
Option -Z click and leveling you want position.