Rhino WIP freezes with Adaptive Parts Environment Plugin


I installed this grasshopper plugin: Adaptive Parts Environment | Food4Rhino, and now when I load Rhino WIP it freezes and gives me what you see in the image attached. I tried opening Rhino WIP in Safe Mode to disable the plugin, but could not find it in the list of native plugins. Any ideas on how to find it to disable it, or otherwise get Rhino WIP to start working again with or without it?


Hi Andres -
Have you looked in these folders?



Hi @cartermarino ,
In order to uninstall the plugin, you can use the yak.exe CLI tool. Please close all instances of Rhino, open Command Prompt and type
“C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\yak.exe” uninstall AdaptivePartsEnvironment .

Did this issue occur on Rhino 7 as well?